The Hydrus Performance Edge for Gym Owners and Re-sellers

Hydrus Works for Your Members/Athletes and You! Start Selling Hydrus Today...

Give Your Athletes the Edge! Not only will you and your members/athletes feel the Hydrus difference, you'll experience the benefits of high-performance hydration on and off the field, plus a great profit margin for Gym owners, Coaches, and Re-sellers.

Hydrus Works!

Better workouts, no cramping, better recovery, works fast!

Consistently good workouts keep your members coming back and in a positive frame of mind about their experience.

Hydrus Sells!

An astounding 90% became loyal, repeat purchasers in trials with cross-functional athletes.

Users feel the difference Hydrus makes and that makes for loyal customers.

Hydrus is Profitable!

Great Margins and repeat product sales lead to a steady stream of revenue. Gym owners are able to sell Hydrus at a 40% gross margin, allowing for a great revenue stream, with little overhead and shelf-space requirements.

Hydrus is convenient as an impulse purchase or trial buy, particularly in single serve pouches, while heavy-user members enjoy a great value proposition in multi-serve bottles.

Get the Hydrus High-Performance Edge for your Athletes!

Hydrus is High Performance Hydration! Our exclusive Nanosome™ technology delivers much-needed electrolytes and fluids into the bloodstream and throughout the body with unrivaled effectiveness.

NO Sugar          
      NO Calories

Hydrus, with Nanosome™ Technology, delivers electrolytes more quickly and effectively into the bloodstream than products that still rely on sugar.

Hydrus Contains No Sugar!

Faster/Better Absorption

Hydrus starts hydrating the instant you drink it. Just mix Hydrus concentrate into your water bottle, and you're good to go.

Perform & Recover Faster

Hydrus replaces lost fluids and electrolytes. Drink Hydrus BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER activity to perform better, reduce cramping and recover faster.

Train Harder! Perform Better! Recover Faster!

Hydrus is a Concentrate for Athletes and Trainers

  • Portability - Fits in your gym bag
  • Easy to use - Just add concentrate to your water
  • Better Taste – You can adjust concentration level to desired taste and individual needs