About Us

Get the Hydrus High-Performance Edge!

Hydrus is High Performance Hydration! Our exclusive Nanosome™ technology delivers much-needed electrolytes and fluids into the bloodstream and throughout the body with unrivaled effectivenes.

NO Sugar          
      NO Calories

Hydrus, with Nanosome™ Technology, delivers electrolytes more quickly and effectively into the bloodstream than products that still rely on sugar.

Hydrus Contains No Sugar!

Faster/Better Absorption

Hydrus starts hydrating the instant you drink it. Just mix Hydrus concentrate into your water bottle, and you're good to go.

Perform & Recover Faster

Hydrus replaces lost fluids and electrolytes. Drink Hydrus BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER activity to perform better, reduce cramping and recover faster.

Train Harder! Perform Better! Recover Faster!

Hydrus is a concentrate for Athletes and Trainers

  • Portability - Fits in your gym bag
  • Easy to use - Just add concentrate to your water
  • Better Taste – You can adjust concentration level to desired taste and individual needs