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The Three Headed Monster of Weight Cut, Fatigue and Dehydration

By: Don Moxley, M.A.  Exercise Physiologist, Hydrus Sport Science Director I wrote about the challenge of keeping key metabolic hormones in check during your weight cutting period in my last post. In this segment I want to take some time to discuss your hidden competitor, fatigue, and how being dehydrated empowers fatigue and locks much of the progress and improvement you’ve trained for out of your reach. Sport scientists define fatigue as a decrement in the force output of a muscle. Psychologists see fatigue as a ‘sensation’ of tiredness.  Physiologists define fatigue as the failure of a specific physiological system. Exercise is terminated at exhaustion, and not at a point of fatigue. Many consider fatigue to be a safety mechanism evolved...

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Cutting Weight in Wrestling: A Tale of Two Hormones

By: Don Moxley, M.A.  Exercise Physiologist, Hydrus Sport Science Director Wrestling is hard!  Perhaps the most difficult of all sports for which to prepare.  Wrestling requires its champions to be strong, have great endurance, flexible as gymnasts and prepare technically and tactically for all comers.  Wrestles aren’t just well rounded, they have to be exceptional at all aspects of the game.  Then to make it even harder, the process of cutting weight injects a stress most other sports never experience.   In order to be prepared, wrestling has no off season.  As soon as the competitive season ends, preparation for the next begins.   The off season is dominated by strength and conditioning.  Wrestlers building their bodies, increasing strength and muscle...

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